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I doubt anyone is even READING here anymore, since I don't post, but I'll do a long overdue update anyways.

Teagan is now 2 years old. The list of things she can do is long, and she wants to try and do everything herself all the time. She's quite determined and has a pretty short temper. If you dare to excert your will on her (stop her from doing something, do it for her, or physically move her some place) all hell breaks loose. She stayed mad at "papa" for a whole day for picking her up out of an area of the yard we told her not to go. Seriously, she brought it up to me 4 or 5 times later "I sad! Papa GRABBED me!"

Her language is amazing. Almost every day she impresses me with the quality of her speech and her vocabulary. It requires context to understand everything she says, there are lots of sounds she can't really make ("L" is a hard one) and she mumbles if she's shy or sad, but overall it's getting easier to communicate with her. She understands and uses words like 'instead'!

Her attention to detail and ability to notice things is great, I think that will serve her well in her lifetime. The smallest thing that appears new or out of place is noticed right away. She busts people at daycare (staff too!) for wearing shoes in the centre, but only if they are 'outside' shoes (inside shoes are allowed). The other day she was talking about seeing a star 'up there' and it was hanging from the rearview mirror of a car 10 feet away in a parking lot. She hears things said quietly or in an attempt to allude her, too. We have to spell or leave the room to get things past her now. (Yesterday at dinner I breathed "holy crap" to something I saw on tv, REALLY quietly, and she heard me and repeated it about 10 tmies *sigh*)

We moved her to a toddler bed a couple weeks ago. We're going to need the crib for her baby brother, and grandpa found a cool car bed for her so we made the switch.

She really likes her new bed, and the move went pretty well. A couple times we've found her fallen asleep behind her door (where her bookshelf is) but for the most part she stays in the bed. Since she hasn't mastered doorknobs and likes her door closed at night, she's still 'captive' when she wakes up, and will often wake us in the morning by knocking on her door.

She's a very sensitive girl, and empathetic. I've been sick (colds) through much of the pregnancy and it stresses her out a bit. She worries about me and talks about it at daycare apparently. It doesn't help that she equates "sick" with "sad" - if you are sick you can't be happy in her eyes. I get lots of hugs followed by "now you happy?!?" which is guarunteed to make me smile and ease her mind some. I'm happy she cares so much for people, but a little worried how she'll react to an often-tearful baby when he gets here. I'm trying to warn her often, about how babies cry a LOT, even sometimes just to talk, and hopefully some of it sinks in.


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