Baby McElroy
It's been nearly two months since I posted here, how can I possibly catch up to all that time?

Teagan's definitely a little person now, struggling for some independance and power. It's amazing to watch, and to interact with her now. She's very big on doing things herself, or at least trying to. I've found it's much better to let her try, and then have her ask me to help, than force my help on her. If I let her try, she lets me help within about 10 seconds, if I demand to do it for her, she'll fuss and cry, and it's no fun for either of us. Plus, she often surprises me. Yesterday she put both her socks on herself, properly! She and I were both very proud of her for that one!

We've started talking about the baby with her, so it won't be a new idea when her brother arrives. I mentioned once she'd have to share the milk when baby comes, that baby would have some, then Teagan would have some. Once in a while since she's popped off to say "baby have some?" since she doesn't really get the concept of when this baby is going to come. I also mentioned sharing, milk and toys and the nursing chair, with the baby, and the other day she turned the table on me. There is a small gift bag on the stairs of baby things I got for signing up for a registry at Toys R Us. She poked at the bag so I told her that was for the baby. She thought about it and then looked at me, quite serious, and said "Baby SHARE!". I guess if she had to share with the baby, baby would have to share with her!

She's showing interest in peeing on the toilet sometimes, but it hasn't really progressed. I'm not interested in pressuring her at all, so if she looks like she needs to go I ask her if she wants to pee on the toilet. Most often she said yes, about about 20% of the time she'll pee. I ask her when she's pooping, too, but she doesn't want that. I ask her if she wants to poop on the toilet (mostly to help her associate that activity with the location) and she said "no, poop here!" and we leave it at that.

Teagan is trying out whining and crying to get her way. I saw one newer child at daycare doing that, and she watched him quite closely, so that may be where it's from. We're working hard not to give in to 'crying to get her way' and telling her to "ask nicely" and "use her words". It works really well. She's also started asking for someone else if one of us tells her no, or prevents her from doing what she wants. If dad says no, she'll start crying for mommy, and vice versa. If we're both saying no, she'll sometimes cry for Ami, Papa, Gramma, or Uncle Ian. It's incredibly cute.

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