Baby McElroy
Teagan's sense of humour is great. She finds so many things funny, and does things to be funny, sometimes even labelling herself as such. "Ha-ha, Funny!" she says. She's picking up some things from TV. All of a sudden she's started saying "Boooob Builder - Yes he can!" and "Cannee fixit? YES HE CAN!" Sometimes when she's playing with her toys "tools" and sometimes just for fun. I think it's funny and cute, Magnus worries that it's a bad thing she's copying TV. She watches some TV each day, usually while I prepare dinner, occasionally in the morning while she eats her breakfast. Mostly she plays in front of the tv, not slack jawed staring at the screen. I'm no too worried, she mimics plenty of stuff NOT on tv, too.

She likes to sing songs, and she's got several phrases from a bunch of songs now. (baa baa blacksheep, the Alphabet song, Itsy Bitsy Spider, twinkle-twinkle little star[with actions], and "bye-bye daddy"/"good-night teagan"[silly made up songs we sing]) She's been counting her fingers and toes, or counting when she covers her eyes (hide and seek).

She managed to catch me saying "damnit" and knows full well how it's used. She throws it out now and then, and we try hard to act like she didn't say anything, take the fun out of it. I was punching down the bread dough the other day, looking serious and walloping it good and she came into the kitchen, watched me and said "Damnit! Damnit!" Took everything I had not to burst out laughing! Sometimes she says "nuts" as a frustration phrase, that one I don't mind.


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