Baby McElroy
I am quite amused at Teagan's attempts to discipline herself. The caregiver at daycare told me that when they sit down to play with play-doh she'll say to herself "no eat playdoh, no eating playdoh" like she's psyching herself up. Eventually some ends up in her mouth, she just can't help it, it looks yummy! But she tries. The other day while nursing she popped off all of a sudden to look up at me, quite serious, and say "no wiggling!" and then went back to nursing. (I tell her no wiggling while nursing quite often, she's big and hard to keep on my lap when still!) And this morning she was being silly, doing that weird squeal/shreik/bark noise toddlers like to do (SO ANNOYING) when I asked her questions. I looked stern and she said "No screaming, teagan" and stopped. heh.

She's mastered the phrase "something else" when she wants something different to eat. Sure beats her tossing her food to the floor, but we ran into a problem last night. She ate about half her soup then handed me the bowl and said "something else". So I took the bowl and said "ok, Teagan, what would you like?" and she says "something else". Over and over: "yes, but WHAT else? What would you like to eat?" "something else" she made her eyes big and stressed the word ELSE like we simply didn't understand her, but she wouldn't suggest what she wanted, funny girl.


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