Baby McElroy
Too busy to post these days! Teagan's still loving daycare, and she mentions some of her 'friends' by name occasionally. This morning she was giddy about going to daycare, actually waving her arms and jumping up and down when it was time to go!

She's grasping some pretty big concepts these days. She actually seems to understand "soon" to mean "yes, it will happen, but not right now, in the near future sometime". If she asks for something, and we say no, sometimes she will say "soon" and carry on happy enough.

Another idea is having a "turn" with something. I think she thinks "turn" pretty much means "mine", though. She'll say "Teagan's Turn" when she wants something someone else has, which is pretty darn cute. She did say that to assert herself at daycare, this morning another boy wanted her toy and tried to take it: she held on and said loudly to him "Teagan's Turn!".

Because of daycare labelling parents as "Teagan's mommy" and "Sarah's daddy" and so on as they arrive each day, Teagan often calls me "Teagan's mommy" at daycare(and Magnus as Teagan's daddy), and at home even. It seems to be when she's most pleased to see us, first thing in the morning, or after we've been out of sight for a while. The daycare staff told me one day Teagan and another child stood at the door argueing about which parent was coming - She said "Teagan's mommy" and the boy indignantly says "no, MY mommy!" and back and forth. Heh.

She's figured out some of her favorite foods, and sometimes requests certain things. Breakfast is usually toast, which she asks for, but occasionally she wants a Waffle instead. She requests Sushi for dinner almost every night - she loves actual veggie sushi, but sometimes thinks any rice dish could be sushi. Pizza is another thing she asks for often, even though she's only eaten it (homemade or cheeseless Amy's brand) a handful of times. Oh and corn. That's been her before bed snack the last few nights in a row, because that's what she asked for. (and since when would you refuse a kid a healthy veggie they ask for??)

We're heading to a friend's 2nd birthday tomorrow. It should be fun, she likes this girl a lot, and this will be the first birthday she's been to since being old enough to get something out of it. We may have a bit of trouble with the concept that all the gifts are for the birthday girl, we'll have to see.


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