Baby McElroy
Teagan started back at daycare yesterday. She's in the TODDLER room now, with mostly kids bigger than she is. She seems fine so far, and I think it will be good for her. She speaks and moves very well for her age (19months) so she'll benefit from being around older kids. They have a huge wooden toy kitchen setup, with a stove, cupboard, sink and all the accessories. She loves it, and all morning was talking about "daycare" and "making....soup". That's where she headed right away when we first got there, too.

She's been quite interested in babies and dolls, but real babies most of all. My friend just had twins so whenever we see her I usually end up holding one. Teagan comes over to see, looks really close, tells me "baby!" and "baby sleeping!" then pats them gently on the head, before carrying on playing. I'm glad she's interested in them and gentle. We plan to have more kids, so it's nice to see that reaction to babies.

Teagan's current favorite breakfast is Toast. With 'dip' (red jam) and sometimes some fruit. I love it - super easy to make, she can feed herself, and since we margarine the toast, she gets a decent calorie start to the day. (1-2 peices of whole wheat toast, tablespoon raspberry/strawberry jam, and an orange - plenty for a toddler!) She's still happy to eat most foods. We've been cooking mostly vegan so we can all eat the same things each day. Easier for me and healthier all around.


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