Baby McElroy
Teagan's getting good at asking us for what she wants. She's made breakfast requests a few times now (toast, pancake, waffle) and the other day we were driving home in the car talking about what to have for dinner. Magnus said "something with fries" and Teagan piped up "Burger!" from the back. She likes her veggie burgers!

She's also showing real interest in the toilet. We started a while ago labelling our bathroom activities, and hers when changing diapers and stuff, and she's been watching me use the toilet. Sometimes she'll ask to pee, and we'll put her on the toilet. 3 times now she's peed on it, about as many times she's just sat there for a while before getting bored. She's very young, just turned 18months, so we're in no rush and not pushing things. If she's going to ask to go, though, we'll follow her lead and help her.


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