Baby McElroy
Our little chatterbox learns more and more words every day. She's using them well, stringing together 2, 3 and even 4 words! The other day I finished drinking my tea and she says "Mommy tea, all gone!" all on her own. Mostly she uses one word at a time, though. We're trying to teach her to ask for things using two words, as in: "cracker please" "up please" to work on the manners. She says please, more as a trick to get what she wants. Sometimes if I ask for a kiss she'll prompt me saying "please" to make me say it. (not that she'll always give me what I ask for!!)

She loves to mimic stuff we say. I have to watch myself, we're not big on swearing, but the odd word sneaks out, and I say "crap" more than I'd like to. She copied my father-in-law saying "yeah-yeah-yeah" in the same tone and everything the other day - funny!


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