Baby McElroy

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Teagan crawled into the tupperware cupboard and peeked out when I called her. Silly girl!

She's talking SO much, and improving her pronounciation daily. We try really hard not to do any "babytalk" and to speak clearly and talk constantly to and around her, and it seems to be paying off. The only exceptions are that we sometimes use "ta-ta" for thank you, since she can say that, and we offered "gamma" for gradnma, to make it easier. (she seems to have settled on "amma" herself)

She's been shaking her spoon around a bit, full of food - yuk, and I couldn't figure out why. Last night we figured it out. She's mimicing the "airplane" feeding we sometimes do to be silly and entertain her while feeding her. She mostly feeds herself now, so I guess she felt like doing the airplane thing. She made some buzzing noises, waved the spoon around a bit, and then sped it into her mouth with a loud "yummm!"



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