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Teagan crawled into the tupperware cupboard and peeked out when I called her. Silly girl!

She's talking SO much, and improving her pronounciation daily. We try really hard not to do any "babytalk" and to speak clearly and talk constantly to and around her, and it seems to be paying off. The only exceptions are that we sometimes use "ta-ta" for thank you, since she can say that, and we offered "gamma" for gradnma, to make it easier. (she seems to have settled on "amma" herself)

She's been shaking her spoon around a bit, full of food - yuk, and I couldn't figure out why. Last night we figured it out. She's mimicing the "airplane" feeding we sometimes do to be silly and entertain her while feeding her. She mostly feeds herself now, so I guess she felt like doing the airplane thing. She made some buzzing noises, waved the spoon around a bit, and then sped it into her mouth with a loud "yummm!"

Life's been busy, no time for blogging it seems!

Teagan is surprising me with all sorts of new words, she understands so much, and repeats a lot, too! We had a little playgroup at our house, my friend's 3 year old daughter and 18 month old son came over. Teagan had a blast dancing around the livingroom with them, and getting drenched in the yard with them. I am THRILLED to have a yard for Teagan. We bought a little wading pool which she LOVES and it's nice to have a clean, safe place to play, just outside the door!

Had to visit the doctor for a nasty diaper rash and the fact her raspy breathing and intermittent cough is lingering. Doctor isn't concerned about the rasping, says it's just a little mucous she hasn't cleared out. She weighed in at 26 pounds. I knew she was getting bigger! I'm happy she is a healthy weight. I don't worry too much about her diet (Vegan/nut-free) but it's still nice to get reassurances and facts on our side in case we meet resistance anywhere.

On the topic of diet, I've been trying to find more "treat" things Teagan can eat, quick snacky foods, portable things, sharable treats, things like that. I want foods that are easy to pack for lunches, take in the car, or share on playdays. Plus things with a few more calories than fruits and veggies, which are her staples. We managed successful vegan chocolate chip cookies the other day - Teagan has no interest in them. I found a great deal on Organic Toaster Pops (poptarts basically) - again, no interst. She will eat any fruit except melons (havent tried watermelon) most veggies, loves peas and broccoli especially, and kidney beans are a favorite food of hers. But try get the kid to eat a sweet? Not that I'm complaining, I just find it funny. She will eat Licorice (red) though, and stole the piece out of my hand the other day, despite holding a piece of her own at the time!
It's funny how literally Toddlers can take things. Teagan was sliding down the slide on her climber, and then looking around to see how to do it again. We told her "You have to go around to climb up" so she turned around in a circle on the spot! Then we guided her to the ladder, helped her up, and she slid down again, then turned in a circle before running around to climb up again.

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We inally set up the Little Tikes Climber we got. Good thing, she's going to outgrow it quick, I think, it's not that big. She had a blast sliding and climbing under it.

17months old today. She seems so big to me, like she should still be that tiny (?) almost 10lb bundle we brought home from the hospital. She's showing more independance and learning so much, she seems like a "big girl" more and more. And then, we go somewhere there are lots of bigger kids, and she seems tiny once again.

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