Baby McElroy
We're all settled into our new home (YAY) so hopefully life can start getting back to normal. I'm really proud of Teagan, she's been adjusting to all the changes and stress so well. She's spent time with the grandparents, hanging out at the new yards, and all over as we painted and packed and moved. She's showing a little bit of stranger shyness that is newish, but that's the only response to the PILES of stress we've been under. She's been a tad clingier, too, but I think that's partly from being away from us more.

Our new home has two small fenced yards! Teagan loves hanging out in them, playing with rocks, smelling the flowers, picking the strawberry patch bare :) We have to remove a couple of really thorny rose bushes to open up the main yard more, hopefully in the next couple of days. I'm so excited to be able to have her playing outside all the time, she loves it so much. "SIDE!" she demands, even if she JUST came in.

Her room is a BRIGHT Orange-Yellow colour, we thought it was too bright at first but now we love it. She seems happy, too, as she squealed when we went in there to check it out all painted. She's sleeping fine so I guess it's not TOO bright :)


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