Baby McElroy
Teagan's feeling a bit better, she's less stuffy and sleeping better. She's still quite testy, not sure if that is due to sickness or personality. She's a very determined little girl, which is a good thing in many ways, but brings challenges also. She's getting frustrated when she doesn't get her way, she isn't liking us limiting or correcting her at all. Screaming fits, arched back, hitting and scratching have been the reactions I've gotten, depending on the situation. Breakfast is being especially difficult. She insists on feeding herself, but isn't good at it so she gets frustrated. Food ends up everywhere except in her mouth, she plays and throws food, we get mad and take it away, so she gets angry. It's hard to know what to do, we want her to eat, we want to encourage her indipendance especially when she's asking for it, but she needs to eat and we are on a time limit in the mornings. Sometimes we end up giving her a waffle or soemthing in the carseat on the way to daycare, but that could be reinforcing the behavior.....act out at breakfast = get something better to eat later! We might test this out by giving her the waffle right away in her high chair, see how her actions are with that.


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