Baby McElroy
I am blown away every day by how our baby is becoming a little person. She is becoming more indipendant, creative, determined and clever each day. Her vocabulary is growing quickly, she surprises me with words seemingly out of the blue. We walked into the living room the other morning and she says: "dark"! Each morning I comment that it's dark, then flip on the lights, but still I was surprised to hear it come out of her mouth. she's also refining words, her former "Saaaw" has become a clear "Sock". She's adopted "Bup" to mean up (since we usually say "up-up-up" or something I can see where that came from) and "siide" to mean outside, "appasappa" for applesauce, and "da-keh" for daycare. She is getting much easier to communicate with, we ask her questions and she nods or shakes her head to answer.

She's very clever, the other day Magnus was changing her diaper and she was getting frustrated with the process and wanted free. She started the hand motions for 'itsy-bitsy spider' and said 'tika-tika-tika" (which is what she says for that song *shrug*) so Magnus started doing it for her. The second his hands left her, she rolled away! She knew he'd do the hand signals and then she could get free - WOW!

I'm happy she still likes to cuddle, and comes to us for hugs and comfort, or I'd be a lot more sad about watching her grow up so fast.


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