Baby McElroy
My poor baby is sick. Really runny nose, stuffiness, bit of a cough, and whining and crying like she's got sinus pain going on. It's worst after she's been lying down. She hardly napped at all today, woke up quick upset and grumpy, seemingly in pain. When she's upright and distracted though, she's generally in a good motod, so I'm happy for that. It's hard when they're sick.

Her feet are growing at an alarming rate, out of some of her size 5 shoes already! I have a couple handmedown pairs that are larger, but nothing in the 5-6.5 range, except for the one pair that seems to still fit her. (some white 5W shoes) I think we may grab a pair of canvas shoes at zellers tomorrow. They're quite cute, and inexpensive in case next week she's into the 6.5's!


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