Baby McElroy

Teagan's been so chatty, she babbles away to herself, and to us as she points and gestures, as though she's saying things. (I'm sure to her they are actual words) We are going to have quite a talker on our hands when she gets more words! Speaking of more words, she pointed at her sippy cup and I'm sure I heard "wa-ya" or something like that. Definitely two syllables, starting with a "w" sound, while pointing at her water. She only did it once, but I'm happy as she usually says "Ahhhh!" to ask for a drink, thanks to her grandpa teaching her that. And yesterday, she pointed at one of those little applesauce cups she eats almost every day and said "app-sa"! Magnus and I both heard it and were so stunned, we rushed as fast as we could to set her up in her highchair with her "app-sa" to eat it.

We're of the mind that when she nicely and properly asks for something food-wise, we're going to give it to her if possible. We want to encourage her language skills. At the same time we're trying to discourage whining and crying to get things. If she is whining/crying to get something I speak calmly to her and give her full attention asking what she wants. Quite often she calms right down and points/signs/says what she wants, and we are all happy. I feel like now is the time to teach her a calm request gets better results than crying and tantrums, especially since she's starting the occasional little tantrum to try and get her way, and I don't want it to continue or get worse.


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