Baby McElroy
My poor baby is sick. Really runny nose, stuffiness, bit of a cough, and whining and crying like she's got sinus pain going on. It's worst after she's been lying down. She hardly napped at all today, woke up quick upset and grumpy, seemingly in pain. When she's upright and distracted though, she's generally in a good motod, so I'm happy for that. It's hard when they're sick.

Her feet are growing at an alarming rate, out of some of her size 5 shoes already! I have a couple handmedown pairs that are larger, but nothing in the 5-6.5 range, except for the one pair that seems to still fit her. (some white 5W shoes) I think we may grab a pair of canvas shoes at zellers tomorrow. They're quite cute, and inexpensive in case next week she's into the 6.5's!
I'm thrilled with how well Teagan is going to sleep lately. Used to be I'd have to nurse her to sleep, and CAREFULLY take her over to the crib. If she woke up, sometimes the process would have to be repeated, or she'd protest (loudly) about being left in her crib before falling asleep.

Last few nights I nurse her while Magnus reads to us, she sits up when she's done and I talk calmly to her about going to bed while carrying her, fully awake but relaxed, over to the crib. I lay her down, hand her the dog stuffie she sleeps with, lay a blanket over her and say goodnight. Not a single peep out of her, she just goes to sleep. I am LOVING the calm, happy bedtime for everyone!
Teagan has a funny sense of humour. Currently her favorite game is "mama/dada opposites" where she says the opposite of whatever we say. Starts off with her saying "MAMA!" so one of us copies her and says "MAMA" to which she replies "Dada!" and so on. If we say the opposite to what she said, replying "dada" to her "mama" she replies with "mama" again. Such fun!

She's also developed a 'thinking pose' recently. She puts her pointer finger to her mouth and says "hmmmmmm?" I have NO idea where she picked this up, but it's pretty amusing to watch. If I do it back to her she finds it funny, too. I've seen her do it when she didn't know we were watching too, so it's not just for show....
We had lots of fun swimming at the pool today. Magnus even took Teagan down the big waterslide. She sure loves the water. No action photos as I didn't want to have to worry about my camera, but I snapped a quick one of my girl in the changeroom, this suit is TOO cute!

She signed a "sentence"!

Yesterday Teagan wanted some applesauce, and to our amazement she pointed at the applesauce cup, signed "more" pointed at the applesauce again, and then signed "hungry/eat" all in rapid succession! She uses "more" for "want" as well these days, so she was clearly saying she wanted to eat the applesauce. We fell over ourselves trying to get her set up with the applesauce quickly, we want to encourage her asking for things so nicely!

Teagan's been so chatty, she babbles away to herself, and to us as she points and gestures, as though she's saying things. (I'm sure to her they are actual words) We are going to have quite a talker on our hands when she gets more words! Speaking of more words, she pointed at her sippy cup and I'm sure I heard "wa-ya" or something like that. Definitely two syllables, starting with a "w" sound, while pointing at her water. She only did it once, but I'm happy as she usually says "Ahhhh!" to ask for a drink, thanks to her grandpa teaching her that. And yesterday, she pointed at one of those little applesauce cups she eats almost every day and said "app-sa"! Magnus and I both heard it and were so stunned, we rushed as fast as we could to set her up in her highchair with her "app-sa" to eat it.

We're of the mind that when she nicely and properly asks for something food-wise, we're going to give it to her if possible. We want to encourage her language skills. At the same time we're trying to discourage whining and crying to get things. If she is whining/crying to get something I speak calmly to her and give her full attention asking what she wants. Quite often she calms right down and points/signs/says what she wants, and we are all happy. I feel like now is the time to teach her a calm request gets better results than crying and tantrums, especially since she's starting the occasional little tantrum to try and get her way, and I don't want it to continue or get worse.
Life keeps getting in the way of blogging.

Teagan's very chatty these days, yammering on as though she's really talking, but not saying anything we can really understand. Her signing has dropped off, and she's saying her few words a little less (dog, done) but she's communicating well enough. She's saying "mama" more which I love :) and she's pointing a lot, and understanding most of what we say. At daycare I heard her say "saw" (soft) while patting a little sheepskin rug, and "Baw" (ball) while chasing a ball, so she's picking up more words for sure.

My poor girl is sick again/still. Daycare certainly increases her colds!
My little girl has a boyfriend - eep! Hehe, really it's just that this little guy and my gal are both fond of kissing. While I was at the daycare at lunch yesterday, Teagan noticed the boy was up from his nap, so she got up and hurried over to him, bent down and gave him a big sloppy kiss, then happily went back to what she was playing with. I just about died right there from the cuteness!

Teagan was enjoying the puzzle again this morning, and then brought me her Tupperware shape sorter. I got all the pieces out for her, and she put them all back in through the holes. I had to line up the right hole in front of her for each peice, and nudge some in a bit for her, but still, pretty cool to watch. She went through all the pieces 4 times and would have kept going if we didn't have to get going!

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