Baby McElroy
Daycare is going much better these days. It is so much nicer for me (adn her I'm sure) when my leaving in the morning and at lunch isn't met with a sad, screaming child. She sometimes still protests my leaving, but isn't as upset about it. She really likes Dai-ka, as she calls it :)

She's unfortunately been the sufferer of a few bites from other daycare kids lately, I'm hoping that doesn't continue!

Lately Teagan's showing a real interest in a wooden puzzle someone gave us. It's got 6 large pieces that fit into the frame, each with a tiny plastic knob for a handle. Sometimes she manages to get a piece to fit in, and she's so proud when she does and claps for herself - cute! Often I have to help her nudge them, she just pushes harder and harder when the pieces aren't lined up right. Even when I help her she claps and grins proudly.


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