Baby McElroy
Daycare is going much better these days. It is so much nicer for me (adn her I'm sure) when my leaving in the morning and at lunch isn't met with a sad, screaming child. She sometimes still protests my leaving, but isn't as upset about it. She really likes Dai-ka, as she calls it :)

She's unfortunately been the sufferer of a few bites from other daycare kids lately, I'm hoping that doesn't continue!

Lately Teagan's showing a real interest in a wooden puzzle someone gave us. It's got 6 large pieces that fit into the frame, each with a tiny plastic knob for a handle. Sometimes she manages to get a piece to fit in, and she's so proud when she does and claps for herself - cute! Often I have to help her nudge them, she just pushes harder and harder when the pieces aren't lined up right. Even when I help her she claps and grins proudly.
It's been so long, I have too much to say! This entry might be kind of long.....

We went to the petting zoo last weekend. As predicted, Teagan had a great time. She barked at the potbelly pig (I guess it did look a bit like a dog!) and was quite interested in all the ducks and the miniature horse. We figured the goats would really interest her, since they were in a big pen where you got to run around with them and pat them all. She loved the running around part, was only mildly interested in the goats! Still, she had a good time, and I managed to snap a couple photos that make it seem like she was interested in the goats for more than 2 seconds.

We checked out the playground afterwards but it was pretty busy and the majority of the equipment was meant for bigger kids. Still, the swing is always fun!

She's been getting really chatty lately, I NEED to learn some more signs for her. She's been using "more" for a lot of things (want, sing, hungry, more, get me that) and I'd rather teach her the right words to use. She tried to say "strawberry" the other day, which impressed the heck out of me, it's a hard one. It did come out "staabay" but still, WOW! She's also learning more animal sounds. She's done owl (hoo hoo) and dog (oowh oowh[deeper sounding]) and rooster (nga-nga-nga) for a while now. Recently she picked up elephant (blowing a raspberry while waving her arm up and down like a trunk) and cat (ouw ouw) though the cat is only rarely done. Oh and she hits her hand to her head and says "doh" (does homer count as an animal?)

Her imagination and sense of humour are great. She does silly things to make us laugh all the time. If we laugh while she is doing something, she'll do it again with a big grin to make us laugh more. Teagan was playing "soup" with me the other day. We were sitting on the bottom of the stairway and she picked up a small bucket that was sitting there. She had a spoon in her hand (often a requirement to prevent meltdowns is to let her carry a utensil around) and she started stirring in the bucket. Then she offers me the spoon to taste and says "mmmmm!" She was delighted when I took it and said "mmm" and this repeated over and over. Occasionally she'd peer into the bucket, mutter something, then resume stirring. Very cute and we kept at it for 5 or 10 minutes!
Wow, she's getting big! I see her every day so of course the change is gradual, but one of the daycare ladies commented that Teagan had done some growing. So this morning I snapped some photos, and she DOES look so big!

A rough start to the day. Between teething and being on the tail end of a cold, Teagan is pretty clingy and sensitive. She started crying when a boy at the daycare grabbed her foot, and wouldn't leave my lap. She cried when I left, pretty hard, I know she just wants Mom.
Teagan and I are both sick with colds. She was doing a lot better yesterday, but I kept her home from daycare anyways. Today she was extra clingy, actually crying when I went to leave the daycare at lunchtime after nursing her. Poor thing. I actually anticipated this a bit, we haven't managed a routine yet, first there was a gradual entry with the daycare, then a half day friday for staff meetings. Plus she's probably not feeling 100% yet.

She was playing 2 steps up on the main staircase this morning, and I watched her scoot her but over a step to get down one. I've never tried her on stairs going down, but she can climb them like a champ, for sure.
I brought Teagan into work with me today, and we hung out in my office briefly before taking her off to the daycare. It was her first day, really only an hour, half of that with me gone, and she did great. I can tell she's going to do wonderfully there. While in my office I snapped a couple photos. Here she is helping me with my emails:

And then after all of that hard work on the computer, she could be found taking a short break playing a rousing game of "Teagan-ball":

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