Baby McElroy
We've got a space in the on-site daycare where I work, Teagan will be starting there in March. I was nervous about the move, she's doing SO well at her grandparents' but our visit to the daycare centre made me feel really good. Grandpa came along and he aggrees it is a really great place and Teagan will do well there. She settled right in during the visit, playing with the toys and the other kids, I think she'll like it there a lot.

She is learning so much from her grandparents, she comes home with new skills and tricks all the time. The latest?
* she covers her mouth when she coughs!
* she hoots at the owl picture in the grandparents' entry, and once at our large Heron picture - her first animal sound!
* she tries to sign "thank you" though I'm not sure she knows what it means yet



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