Baby McElroy
We had a visit with the allergist this morning, Teagan had a positive skin test for nuts. We're disapointed, obviously, nut allergies are difficult since they are in everything it seems. It's possible that she doesn't have an actual nut allergy, you can apparently have the positive skin test without the actual allergy, but we'll have to wait and see. We have to keep her away from nuts, and sesame seeds, for the next two years and then retest her.

In happier news Teagan's communication is great. I love that I can ask her things and she understand,s, and she can tell me what she wants. She has started signing "more" properly now, and signs hungry (she added biting motions to the sign which cracks me up) and milk, and "done". She signs "bath" sometimes and tries to say it. She shakes her head for no. It's getting easier and easier to understand her, and she seems pleased with the communication too.


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