Baby McElroy
Asking for Bed.......

Other mother's talked about this strange phenomenon where their child actually ASKED to go to bed, or brought their blanket or something to signal they were ready to head off to slumber. I thought there was no chance this would happen with Teagan, heck I was surprised when she started going to sleep on her own. I was thrilled when I could put her down awake and she's put herself to sleep, and still am as it's only been going on a short while now. But we got another surprise last night.

She started getting a little fussy around 7:10, we've been trying to start the bedtime routine around 7:15 these days so it made sense, but we were trying to watch the last 5minutes of our taped show and finish dinner first. Teagan walked up to face me, and said quite loudly "BA!" and again "BAA!" and then rubbed her chest, the sign for bath! Magnus and I just looked at each other, shook our heads and said "I guess someone is ready for bed" and picked her up, and she started acting all happy.

It blows me away how well she's learning to communicate with us, and how fast she picks up some signs. We've only done the sign for bath maybe a half dozen times, not every night or anything!


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