Baby McElroy
Teagan's started saying "WOW" and "Whoa!" when she sees something neat or cool. It's amazing how many things I say to her that I don't realize, and both cool and frightening to see her pick them up. If I didn't realize I was saying "Wow" to her so much, is there a lot of unnoticed swearing going on too? How long until she picks that up? Yikes!

More teeth coming through. She's been a tad fussy, her poor cheeks bright red, but otherwise ok. She's got her front two on the bottom through, and the top middle four all the way through. Coming in are the bottom two either side of the middle, AND her first molar on her top left, it's partway through now. That's a lot of teeth!
Teagan's latest word is "Uh-oh!" and it cracks me up every time she says it. She draws out the "oh" and has the pursed lip thing going on, very cute. She doesn't use it appropriately yet, she'll just say it, over and over sometimes.

I'm worrying a bit about my milk supply. I'm trying to adjust my diet (less junk and a bit less food in general) and I'm hoping it's not going to have a big effect on my milk supply. I'm not ready to wean, and most importantly Teagan shows no signs of being ready. I'm hoping to try to nurse through the next pregnancy, hopefully later this year. I'm only worrying because I tried to pump the other night and got only half a teaspoon in half an hour. Normally pumping goes well, so I was surprised and dissapointed in that result.
We had a visit with the allergist this morning, Teagan had a positive skin test for nuts. We're disapointed, obviously, nut allergies are difficult since they are in everything it seems. It's possible that she doesn't have an actual nut allergy, you can apparently have the positive skin test without the actual allergy, but we'll have to wait and see. We have to keep her away from nuts, and sesame seeds, for the next two years and then retest her.

In happier news Teagan's communication is great. I love that I can ask her things and she understand,s, and she can tell me what she wants. She has started signing "more" properly now, and signs hungry (she added biting motions to the sign which cracks me up) and milk, and "done". She signs "bath" sometimes and tries to say it. She shakes her head for no. It's getting easier and easier to understand her, and she seems pleased with the communication too.
Asking for Bed.......

Other mother's talked about this strange phenomenon where their child actually ASKED to go to bed, or brought their blanket or something to signal they were ready to head off to slumber. I thought there was no chance this would happen with Teagan, heck I was surprised when she started going to sleep on her own. I was thrilled when I could put her down awake and she's put herself to sleep, and still am as it's only been going on a short while now. But we got another surprise last night.

She started getting a little fussy around 7:10, we've been trying to start the bedtime routine around 7:15 these days so it made sense, but we were trying to watch the last 5minutes of our taped show and finish dinner first. Teagan walked up to face me, and said quite loudly "BA!" and again "BAA!" and then rubbed her chest, the sign for bath! Magnus and I just looked at each other, shook our heads and said "I guess someone is ready for bed" and picked her up, and she started acting all happy.

It blows me away how well she's learning to communicate with us, and how fast she picks up some signs. We've only done the sign for bath maybe a half dozen times, not every night or anything!
We turned Teagan's carseat around this weekend. She seems to like it:

It's nice for us, much easier to see her and talk to her while driving.

We also took a trip to the pool on Sunday, since we hadn't taken Teagan swimming in a long while. She loved it, once she saw the pool she got very excited. She was ALMOST tall enough to stand in the shallow end, this pool is a bit deeper than others I think. I was blowing bubbles in the water and she was trying to copy me, but kept sucking in water instead, poor gal. We found a baby lifejacket for her and dragged her around on her back a bit, to get her used to floating. She's a little nervous about lying back in the water but the life jacket helped.
I didn't mention this for a few days because I was a little afraid of jinxing it, but Teagan is putting herself to sleep these days!! She's done it for naps with Grandpa, but never at home or at night. It started with her biting me when I was nursing her down to sleep. Not much I could do but stop nursing her and put her to bed. She was a little upset, but Magnus rubbed her back and she calmed down, and fell asleep a few minutes later. Next night, barely any fuss. Since then, if she's awake when I'm putting her down for a nap or bed, I just rub her back a few times or her forehead if she's on her back, and speak softly to her, leave the room and she goes right to sleep!

I can't even begin to tell you how exciting this is for me. I love nursing her to sleep, seeing her fall asleep is so peaceful, but it was hard feeling like that was the ONLY way to get her to sleep. It was also stressful, trying to get up really slowly and smoothly and put her in the crib so gently so she didn't get woken up.

She's also sleeping later in the morning now. Magnus figures she's putting herself back to sleep where in the past she woke up and stayed up. We're working on creeping her bedtime up sooner to see if that helps, having to wake her in the morning sucks.
She's one year old. It seems like only days ago we brought this tiny pink creature home from the hospital, yet a whole year has gone by. She still fills me with wonder and joy every single day.

We had a nice little party for her yesterday. A few little friends came over and they all played together very well. We had toddler friendly foods to snack on, and everyone seemed to have a good time. Teagan wore a pretty party dress that made her look REALLY old to me:

Happy Birthday Baby!
We've got a space in the on-site daycare where I work, Teagan will be starting there in March. I was nervous about the move, she's doing SO well at her grandparents' but our visit to the daycare centre made me feel really good. Grandpa came along and he aggrees it is a really great place and Teagan will do well there. She settled right in during the visit, playing with the toys and the other kids, I think she'll like it there a lot.

She is learning so much from her grandparents, she comes home with new skills and tricks all the time. The latest?
* she covers her mouth when she coughs!
* she hoots at the owl picture in the grandparents' entry, and once at our large Heron picture - her first animal sound!
* she tries to sign "thank you" though I'm not sure she knows what it means yet

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