Baby McElroy
Teagan's at her grandparent's house right now. That's going to be her "daycare" while I work, and we are doing two days this week to test things out, get the timing down for getting ready in the morning, and iron out any issues before my start back. No problems so far, she loves her grandparents and hanging out there. No tears when I left yesterday OR today, and only mild excitement to see me yesterday evening. In fact she got a bit upset when we left their place! I'm happy but I wasn't expecting it to go that well!

We are trying her with some soymilk during the day, as I just can't manage to pump 2 bottles worth every day. The little stinker refused the pumped milk and guzzled the soy yesterday ( I sent one of each) so today she just gets soy and we'll see how that goes. I'm going to nurse her lots morning, evening and weekends, but want her to have something with some nutrition for drinking during the day.

I think She's starting to sign hungry/eat a bit now. We use the same sign for hungry and eat, and she started to sign milk and changed it into the "eat" sign a couple times now. She also tried to copy me signing apple to her the other day - so much language, it's great!


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