Baby McElroy
The start of a brand new year!

Teagan spent last night with her grandparents, and had lots of fun playing with them. It is so strange to wake up without her in the house! We went out for the polar bear swim (Teagan and I just watched, thank you) then to Timmie's to warm up with coffee and donuts. Teagan had Peas, and entertained us with her silly faces

She cracks me up. In the last couple days she has developed this maniacal laugh, and she is just so silly. And if she notices you are laughing at her, she'll join in. I chased a naked Teagan around our living room this evening, and we just laughed at each other the whole time. Such fun!

And finally, I uttered the famous last words "don't worry, she can't get the lid off that pen" the other day. I totally deserved this:

Miraculously, other than the spots on her toes there, she didn't get any on herself!



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