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More Reading......

Teagan's started to sit still for reading sessions now, and I'm loving it! She's sat a few times with her dad to be read to, with varying interest levels, and just this morning she brought me a book and crawled into my lap. (I was sitting on the floor) I read the book through, closed it, at which point she grabbed it and held it up towards my face to hand it back to me for another go. We read it 3 or 4 times and then it was time to head to work/daycare. What a treat! She sat and listened, watching me point in the book, looking up at me a few times when I made animal noises, and we just had a wonderful time.

The book, incidentally, is one of her favorites to carry around is "Row, row row your goat" a play on the kids song with different animals being added to the boat. I added the sound each animal made as I was reading. I think we bought this one at a discount store for 50cents, and she carries it around way more than the 'fancier' books, go figure.


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