Baby McElroy
I've been stressing out a lot lately, as I spend the last few days home with my daughter. I start back to work next week, and I know I will miss her. She is just so silly, and funny and amazing, sometimes I feel like I can't spend enough time with her, even though I'm with her all the time right now.

She's picking up a few words and signs, which is really cool. It's amazing when your child is able to communicate so clearly with you, and it's only going to get better. She says Mama and Dad/Dada, as well as "Daw!" (dog), "Duh" (done) and she understands SO many more words. She's been signing more too. She signs "milk" (asking to nurse, while she's nursing, and when she's hungry sometimes too), she's started to sign more, shakes her head "no" when we say no or when she's trying to refuse something, signs "done" (sort of) and waves hi and bye. I'm trying to learn more signs as fast as I can, I'd like to keep her interest up, and let her have the chance to learn signs before verbal language takes over and she won't 'need' them as much.

She's gotten huggy lately, which I LOVE! She will toddle up to me, sitting on the floor with her, arms out, and wrap them around my neck for a hug. She's also offered "kisses" sometimes (open mouth, tongue out, slobbery things, but I love them) and apparently walked up to her 6 month cousin the other day in the exercauser and kissed her, without anyone telling her too. Cute!


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