Baby McElroy
I had a really great weekend. Teagan is learning and growing at such an amazing rate, and I'm just so proud of her. This weekend she's started signing "more", is signing hungry quite a bit, and is even trying to sign "change" which is a hard one. She seems pleased with herself when she can sign something I ask her, and I love that signing is easing communication and giving her confidence.

We played hide and go seek in the bedroom. Teagan went into the storage room, I hid, and she came out and found me, we did this a few times, loads of fun! She's learned to climb up on the couch by herself, we're going to have to watch that. She's climbing on everything these days. We've caught her climbing on one thing to get a better reach to get onto something else, smart girl! I sense some bruises in her near future, though......


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