Baby McElroy
Day 2 at work for me, so far the daycare situation has been working very well. Teagan is very happy to see her grandparents each day, and not too stressed or anything when we get her in the evening. Yesterday she was a bit fussy once we got home, crying when her dad tried to take her from me. (I guess she wanted more mom time) She's teething, so considering that and all the changes she's doing great.

Apparently she was playing hide and go seek with Grandma yesterday....she'd head into their kitchen while grandma hid, come out and look for her, laugh madly when she fould her, then walk back into the kitchen, and repeat. More than half an hour this game went on. I was surprised and impressed at the fact she got this concept, and that she had this kind of attention span for one game!

She was being a picky eater at breakfast today, which never really happens. Not interested in the banana/mandarin babyfood (and bananas are her favorite food) only mildly interested in cheerios, finally placated with some whole wheat bread and leftover roast veggies. We've been so lucky in that she will eat pretty much anything (and lots of it) so I hope this isn't the start of selective food choices on her part.


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