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I had a really great weekend. Teagan is learning and growing at such an amazing rate, and I'm just so proud of her. This weekend she's started signing "more", is signing hungry quite a bit, and is even trying to sign "change" which is a hard one. She seems pleased with herself when she can sign something I ask her, and I love that signing is easing communication and giving her confidence.

We played hide and go seek in the bedroom. Teagan went into the storage room, I hid, and she came out and found me, we did this a few times, loads of fun! She's learned to climb up on the couch by herself, we're going to have to watch that. She's climbing on everything these days. We've caught her climbing on one thing to get a better reach to get onto something else, smart girl! I sense some bruises in her near future, though......
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Teagan's started to sit still for reading sessions now, and I'm loving it! She's sat a few times with her dad to be read to, with varying interest levels, and just this morning she brought me a book and crawled into my lap. (I was sitting on the floor) I read the book through, closed it, at which point she grabbed it and held it up towards my face to hand it back to me for another go. We read it 3 or 4 times and then it was time to head to work/daycare. What a treat! She sat and listened, watching me point in the book, looking up at me a few times when I made animal noises, and we just had a wonderful time.

The book, incidentally, is one of her favorites to carry around is "Row, row row your goat" a play on the kids song with different animals being added to the boat. I added the sound each animal made as I was reading. I think we bought this one at a discount store for 50cents, and she carries it around way more than the 'fancier' books, go figure.
The weekend is over, back to work tomorrow. We had a lot to do this weekend, so we were a little shy on "family time" but Teagan did have time to share a book with her dad at grandma's house today:

Day 2 at work for me, so far the daycare situation has been working very well. Teagan is very happy to see her grandparents each day, and not too stressed or anything when we get her in the evening. Yesterday she was a bit fussy once we got home, crying when her dad tried to take her from me. (I guess she wanted more mom time) She's teething, so considering that and all the changes she's doing great.

Apparently she was playing hide and go seek with Grandma yesterday....she'd head into their kitchen while grandma hid, come out and look for her, laugh madly when she fould her, then walk back into the kitchen, and repeat. More than half an hour this game went on. I was surprised and impressed at the fact she got this concept, and that she had this kind of attention span for one game!

She was being a picky eater at breakfast today, which never really happens. Not interested in the banana/mandarin babyfood (and bananas are her favorite food) only mildly interested in cheerios, finally placated with some whole wheat bread and leftover roast veggies. We've been so lucky in that she will eat pretty much anything (and lots of it) so I hope this isn't the start of selective food choices on her part.
Teagan's at her grandparent's house right now. That's going to be her "daycare" while I work, and we are doing two days this week to test things out, get the timing down for getting ready in the morning, and iron out any issues before my start back. No problems so far, she loves her grandparents and hanging out there. No tears when I left yesterday OR today, and only mild excitement to see me yesterday evening. In fact she got a bit upset when we left their place! I'm happy but I wasn't expecting it to go that well!

We are trying her with some soymilk during the day, as I just can't manage to pump 2 bottles worth every day. The little stinker refused the pumped milk and guzzled the soy yesterday ( I sent one of each) so today she just gets soy and we'll see how that goes. I'm going to nurse her lots morning, evening and weekends, but want her to have something with some nutrition for drinking during the day.

I think She's starting to sign hungry/eat a bit now. We use the same sign for hungry and eat, and she started to sign milk and changed it into the "eat" sign a couple times now. She also tried to copy me signing apple to her the other day - so much language, it's great!
I've been stressing out a lot lately, as I spend the last few days home with my daughter. I start back to work next week, and I know I will miss her. She is just so silly, and funny and amazing, sometimes I feel like I can't spend enough time with her, even though I'm with her all the time right now.

She's picking up a few words and signs, which is really cool. It's amazing when your child is able to communicate so clearly with you, and it's only going to get better. She says Mama and Dad/Dada, as well as "Daw!" (dog), "Duh" (done) and she understands SO many more words. She's been signing more too. She signs "milk" (asking to nurse, while she's nursing, and when she's hungry sometimes too), she's started to sign more, shakes her head "no" when we say no or when she's trying to refuse something, signs "done" (sort of) and waves hi and bye. I'm trying to learn more signs as fast as I can, I'd like to keep her interest up, and let her have the chance to learn signs before verbal language takes over and she won't 'need' them as much.

She's gotten huggy lately, which I LOVE! She will toddle up to me, sitting on the floor with her, arms out, and wrap them around my neck for a hug. She's also offered "kisses" sometimes (open mouth, tongue out, slobbery things, but I love them) and apparently walked up to her 6 month cousin the other day in the exercauser and kissed her, without anyone telling her too. Cute!
The start of a brand new year!

Teagan spent last night with her grandparents, and had lots of fun playing with them. It is so strange to wake up without her in the house! We went out for the polar bear swim (Teagan and I just watched, thank you) then to Timmie's to warm up with coffee and donuts. Teagan had Peas, and entertained us with her silly faces

She cracks me up. In the last couple days she has developed this maniacal laugh, and she is just so silly. And if she notices you are laughing at her, she'll join in. I chased a naked Teagan around our living room this evening, and we just laughed at each other the whole time. Such fun!

And finally, I uttered the famous last words "don't worry, she can't get the lid off that pen" the other day. I totally deserved this:

Miraculously, other than the spots on her toes there, she didn't get any on herself!

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