Baby McElroy
Teagan's been walking here and there. It's funny to watch her take off, wobble and topple. It doesn't bother her to fall, really, she just crawls once that happens. It's amazing to watch such a little person walking!

We think she signed "milk" to me the other day. She clasped her hand a couple times while looking at me (the sign for milk) and seemed quite happy when I responded by nursing her. She hasn't done it since, though.

She might be saying "done". She mimics a lot of sounds we make when talking to her, and recently on her own, once she finishes nursing she pops off and says "Duh!" and looks at me. Pretty cool stuff.

Oh, and I weighed her quickly at the doctor's, when I was in getting my wrist checked out, and in clothes she was 20lbs10oz, so likely around 20lbs. I thought she was bigger, she seems heavier than that when you are carrying her!


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