Baby McElroy
Christmas was fun. Teagan got a kick out of christmas trees with lights, and all the paper. She sort of unwrapped her gifts, with a little help. One of her gifts, a napmat thing with attached blanket, pleased her, she just lay in it long enough for us to snap some photos :) She enjoyed christmas dinner, where she got whole wheat buns, potatos, veggies, and raspberries for dessert.

She's been biting a lot while nursing. That does NOT please me at all. She's doing it for the reaction, she gives me a look, which makes it even more annoying.

I caught her standing on the upholstered rocker in her room just now. She pushed a pack of diapers over to it and climbed up there! Smart girl, but boy are we in trouble!

No photos today because I can't find the camera!


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