Baby McElroy
Christmas was fun. Teagan got a kick out of christmas trees with lights, and all the paper. She sort of unwrapped her gifts, with a little help. One of her gifts, a napmat thing with attached blanket, pleased her, she just lay in it long enough for us to snap some photos :) She enjoyed christmas dinner, where she got whole wheat buns, potatos, veggies, and raspberries for dessert.

She's been biting a lot while nursing. That does NOT please me at all. She's doing it for the reaction, she gives me a look, which makes it even more annoying.

I caught her standing on the upholstered rocker in her room just now. She pushed a pack of diapers over to it and climbed up there! Smart girl, but boy are we in trouble!

No photos today because I can't find the camera!
I'm sitting here at the computer listening to my daughter sqeal and giggle with glee, while her dad gives her a bath. They're playing at splashing, I think she likes our reaction to the splash, more than the splash itself. In any case, it's neat to hear such glee coming from down the hall.

Teagan is REALLY walking now. She uses something (or someone) to get to standing, then takes off wherever she wants to go. If she falls, she carries on in a crawl, but she goes pretty far without falling now. It's neat to see her walking but seems strange since she is still so small.
We're still sick. The flu turned into a cold so we've been laying low trying to get better.

Teagan likes the christmas tree, she looks up at it and smiles, and likes it when I let her touch the lights. (LEDs so they're not hot or breakable)

She's signing milk all the time now. I don't know if she wasn't getting enough before, or if she is just pleased with her newfound skill, but she's been nursing a lot more, since she's asking for it!
We've all been sick. Teagan and I got it first, Magnus followed. Happily it didn't last long and today we were all feeling a lot better, so we decided to decorate the tree! Teagan is quite enamoured with the finished product, and I'm really glad we put it up on a table out of reach!

Teagan's been walking here and there. It's funny to watch her take off, wobble and topple. It doesn't bother her to fall, really, she just crawls once that happens. It's amazing to watch such a little person walking!

We think she signed "milk" to me the other day. She clasped her hand a couple times while looking at me (the sign for milk) and seemed quite happy when I responded by nursing her. She hasn't done it since, though.

She might be saying "done". She mimics a lot of sounds we make when talking to her, and recently on her own, once she finishes nursing she pops off and says "Duh!" and looks at me. Pretty cool stuff.

Oh, and I weighed her quickly at the doctor's, when I was in getting my wrist checked out, and in clothes she was 20lbs10oz, so likely around 20lbs. I thought she was bigger, she seems heavier than that when you are carrying her!

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