Baby McElroy
Teagan is closer and closer to walking. We caught 2 steps on camera the other day, as she moved from one object to another. She also stands unassisted more and more often.

Her latest thing to do is "dancing". If she hears music on tv, the radio, or even from one of her toys, she'll wiggle back and forth a little and grin. Sometimes she'll even do it if we tell her to dance. It is REALLY cute, but I'm not sure where she picked it up. We've been encouraging her a lot so she does it more now, but where she first got it is still a mystery, since we don't dance around really. I'm guessing it was on the tv or something. She also does it when she's happy, just a little wiggle of glee. It cracks me up when her butt wiggles back and forth while she's nursing!


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