Baby McElroy
It's been a busy couple of weeks! We've moved out of our cramped apartment into a roomy townhouse. Teagan now has her own room, we have a fullsized room for the computers, and just more space all around. I really like it, and it's in an area with a lot of places to walk to. Teagan seems to like her new room, she has more play space, and once we're unpacked and organized with babygates it will be even better. She's sleeping well in her new room, very little apparent trauma with the move. She spend some days with her grandparents while the move happened, and is now a little clingy, but not too bad and totally understandable.

Halloween was fun, we headed to a mall with some other moms and babies to show off our kiddies in costume and gather goodies. I had a pumpkin costume handed down, but then Teagan's grandpa picked up a cute and practical costume a few days before halloween:

There is a new tooth poking through on her top left. It hardly seems to be bugging her, though she has been a drooling machine today.

And a photo from a baby shower we went to yesterday, where Teagan took a liking (to put it mildly) to the hostesses dogs. Here she's 'riding' Jake...



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