Baby McElroy
I haven't been great with updating, Teagan just keeps me so busy I don't get time to do it!

But I have some news to share today. Yesterday at Grandma's house, Teagan took *9 steps*! They were tiny little shuffle-baby steps, but there were 9 of them! She wasn't even chasing an object at the time, which is how she usually managed 1 or 2 steps, she was holding something and felt like moving around. I think we're in trouble now ;)

We're trying to move to feeding Teagan less "baby food" and more "big people food". She's mowing through the jars of babyfood so fast I can't keep them in the house, so I'm trying to make foods for us that she can share. I get a big kick out of feeding her the same things we eat, and she likes it a lot too. She had veggie soup with us, and the other day I shared my sushi with her. Basically anything vegan and nut-free is fine now, she's not reacted to anything we've given her. It won't hurt us to eat more Vegan meals, and it will make sharing with her easier.


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