Baby McElroy
I haven't been great with updating, Teagan just keeps me so busy I don't get time to do it!

But I have some news to share today. Yesterday at Grandma's house, Teagan took *9 steps*! They were tiny little shuffle-baby steps, but there were 9 of them! She wasn't even chasing an object at the time, which is how she usually managed 1 or 2 steps, she was holding something and felt like moving around. I think we're in trouble now ;)

We're trying to move to feeding Teagan less "baby food" and more "big people food". She's mowing through the jars of babyfood so fast I can't keep them in the house, so I'm trying to make foods for us that she can share. I get a big kick out of feeding her the same things we eat, and she likes it a lot too. She had veggie soup with us, and the other day I shared my sushi with her. Basically anything vegan and nut-free is fine now, she's not reacted to anything we've given her. It won't hurt us to eat more Vegan meals, and it will make sharing with her easier.
Teagan is closer and closer to walking. We caught 2 steps on camera the other day, as she moved from one object to another. She also stands unassisted more and more often.

Her latest thing to do is "dancing". If she hears music on tv, the radio, or even from one of her toys, she'll wiggle back and forth a little and grin. Sometimes she'll even do it if we tell her to dance. It is REALLY cute, but I'm not sure where she picked it up. We've been encouraging her a lot so she does it more now, but where she first got it is still a mystery, since we don't dance around really. I'm guessing it was on the tv or something. She also does it when she's happy, just a little wiggle of glee. It cracks me up when her butt wiggles back and forth while she's nursing!
My little girl REALLY likes dogs. She'll hoot and squeal at them, kicking and bouncing trying to get their attention, and from pure excitement, any time she sees one. I couldn't help but laugh at what happened this evening though....

That is the box one of her safety gates is in, and there is a picture of a sheepdog on the box. She saw it from accross the room, started hooting and crawled over to it, then tried to touch the dog. Even after touching the box, she still kept squealing and getting excited - funny stuff!

I wonder about babies minds. How did she know that was a dog, she's never seen a sheepdog before. She does react the same way to cat's as dogs, so maybe it's just "oooh! a furry animal!"
It's been a busy couple of weeks! We've moved out of our cramped apartment into a roomy townhouse. Teagan now has her own room, we have a fullsized room for the computers, and just more space all around. I really like it, and it's in an area with a lot of places to walk to. Teagan seems to like her new room, she has more play space, and once we're unpacked and organized with babygates it will be even better. She's sleeping well in her new room, very little apparent trauma with the move. She spend some days with her grandparents while the move happened, and is now a little clingy, but not too bad and totally understandable.

Halloween was fun, we headed to a mall with some other moms and babies to show off our kiddies in costume and gather goodies. I had a pumpkin costume handed down, but then Teagan's grandpa picked up a cute and practical costume a few days before halloween:

There is a new tooth poking through on her top left. It hardly seems to be bugging her, though she has been a drooling machine today.

And a photo from a baby shower we went to yesterday, where Teagan took a liking (to put it mildly) to the hostesses dogs. Here she's 'riding' Jake...

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