Baby McElroy
Teagan took a step last night! Just a single step, but she did it twice last night, and once again this morning. She's still quite unsteady on her feet, and chooses to drop and crawl to travel if there is nothing to hold onto, but it's pretty exciting to see her take a step. Walking is getting closer and closer!

Sleep's been better, fairly consistantly she's asleep between the hours of 8:30 and 6am. We're early risers, Magnus is up at 7 for work, so that's fine for me. She's not napping much, though. 20 minute naps, twice a day seems to be the norm, with a longer one every couple of days. I apparently wasn't a big sleeper as a child, and pretty much gave up naps at this age. I can live with short naps, if she's happy with them, so long as she keeps sleeping through the night!


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