Baby McElroy
3 nights of sleep in a row - joy! She's slept through until about 6:30 three nights in a row now. Last night we were even up a bit late, since we were at Magnus' parents' place, and she idn't have a problem. I think the routine and warmer night dressing is helping her sleep. I should feel so rested, but I'm still kind of tired, maybe I've just got a large sleep debt to make up.

Thanksgiving was nice, we had lunch at my mom's and dinner at Magnus' parents'. Teagan got to eat 'real food' at both places. (as opposed to mushed up 'baby food') She seemed to like it all - mashed potatos, squash, yams, brussel sprout, peas, carrot and cauliflower. Oh and a taste of cranberries. She unfortunately got milk in the mashed potatos, Mom didn't realise I was feeding them to her and I didn't realise she put milk in them. I'm a little miffed, but she seems fine. She sure loves eating adult foods and sharing what we're eating!


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