Baby McElroy
I set Teagan down in front of her first set of stairs today. We live in an apartment and the grandparents didn't have stairs previously, so she just hadn't encountered them. She climbed a half flight with no problems, first try! I hovered in case she fell but didn't need to help her out. I guess we will need babygates at the bottom of all the stairs when we move too!
Please sleep!

Teagan has gone from being an awesome sleeper, to a so-so sleeper, and I'm hating it. She's waking in the night, and early in the morning. We tried to let her cry herself back to sleep, but it was SO hard to hear her crying like that, and she did not give up quickly. I'm at a loss of what to do. She will not lay down when she is awake, she's really good at moving around and standing in the crib so lying her down and rubbing her back won't do it. She'll just cry in protest at being laid down and get back up again. I'm getting SO sleepy.......
"Real" Food!

A photo to celebrate Teagan enjoying some of our dinner for her evening meal. Usually she gets some kind of mush, pureed something-or-other and/or baby cereal, but tonight Magnus noted that she had tried all the ingredients in our side dish seperately, and they were all "okay for her to eat". So I took a little of our "pineapple carrot rice" and with a little extra water and cooking to make sure it was plenty soft, I fed her about 1/3 of a cup. She quite enjoyed it, and I was quite excited to feed our baby girl some "grown up" food!

Smart Cookie!

So we have one of those tall plastic carts of drawers next to Teagan's crib and change table to hold some clothes, socks, bibs, things like that. The back of the cart is up against the crib, and it is a little taller than the crib is. Teagan had pulled some things out of one of the higher drawers the other day, to play with them in her crib. I thought I had just left one of the drawers open, leaving a gap to reach into the back of the next drawer down. Turns out, she's been openning it up herself, Magnus watched her do it. She pushes on one drawer, and then reaches into the one below! I'm so amazed she figured this out all on her own!
Teagan's been muttering "mamama" a few times today. It's neat to hear, and I keep praising her to hopefully help it stick.

She's laughing her butt off at the TV right now. I put her in her exersaucer in front of the Treehouse network (young kids ad-free station) to try and make some calls. All of a sudden I hear her laughing and sneak in to check. There is a guy dressed as a pirate trying to have a picnic, and a guy dressed as a dog keeps stealing the food. I don't think the subject matter was funny to her, she just took a liking to the pirate's animated speech I think! Very funny to watch her laughing so hard at the TV! She just takes a liking to certain people, my mom being one of them, and will laugh so easily for them!
I'm going to have to learn not to leave things in Teagan's reach, which seems to get longer by the day. I'd finished feeding her some bean mush for lunch, and left the last teaspoonfull in a cup with her spoon on the coffee table. She was quiety playing in the living room, and I left her be while I did something in the kitchen. Found her moments later, in the bottom of her exersaucer....she found the cup of bean and dragged it under the exersaucer (hiding maybe?) and made a royal mess playing with it and eating. Silly girl!

She's feeling much better, though still a little snotty. We stopped at the park yesterday, and I put her down in the grass. She giggled at the feel of the grass on her hands and feet, and crawled around looking for leaves to eat:

Poor girl, she just finishes being sick with one thing, now she's working her way through a cold. It doesn't bother her much during the day, but she's been up at night a few times now, I think lying down lets her get more stuffed up.

I can't beleive how much she's eating now. We gave her about a half a cup of food for lunch, and she finished it off so we offered another third of a cup or so and she finished that off too! The batch of yams I made up a few days ago is nearly gone, I'll have to get at making her some more. I like giving her yams: they're fairly easy to make, full of good vitamins, not too expensive, and they don't stain everything like carrots do!

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