Baby McElroy
Saw the Doctor today for more shots. She did okay, a little crying but forgot about it pretty quickly. As per usual I think the "holding her down" part was nearly as bad for her as the actual injection. She weighed in at just over 18lbs, and is 28inches long. That's 2'4", she's tall enough I figure I can say it in feet - HA!

I got some of those little snack things of unsweetened applesauce at the store today, they worked out cheaper than a big container. (and WAY cheaper than the babyfood jars) I figured I would give teagan as much as she wanted and just eat the rest myself. Well, my little chubmuffin ate the whole thing! Nearly half a cup of applesauce in one go! Pretty good considering she was less than excited the first couple times she tasted applesauce. It took almost 25minutes to get through it, but considering she was in a noisy mall food court, in a new high chair, she did fairly well paying that much attention to me.


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