Baby McElroy
I've been trying to sign "milk" and say "Milk" just before I nurse Teagan, for a little while now. I haven't managed it all the time, probably around 80% of the time I do it. Twice today, I signed and said it a little before getting the breast out for her, and she started her "milk grunts" she does when she sees the breast but can't reach it yet. She makes that sound any time she's hungry and sees the breast or is in nursing position, so I know the sound. Today I signed and said "milk" with her facing me sitting up, so not yet in position, and she did the grunt! I don't want to be overly optomistic, but it's like she understood! I don't know if it was the sign or the word, but I'd be thrilled with either. I'm going to try and sign and say it more consistantly before nursing now, to help cement it.


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