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I've been trying to sign "milk" and say "Milk" just before I nurse Teagan, for a little while now. I haven't managed it all the time, probably around 80% of the time I do it. Twice today, I signed and said it a little before getting the breast out for her, and she started her "milk grunts" she does when she sees the breast but can't reach it yet. She makes that sound any time she's hungry and sees the breast or is in nursing position, so I know the sound. Today I signed and said "milk" with her facing me sitting up, so not yet in position, and she did the grunt! I don't want to be overly optomistic, but it's like she understood! I don't know if it was the sign or the word, but I'd be thrilled with either. I'm going to try and sign and say it more consistantly before nursing now, to help cement it.
My giggly, silly baby is back, totally over being sick. It's so nice to be silly with her, she's just so entertaining. She has started making a shy face with strangers, AFTER flashing them a huge grin. Then she looks again, smiles, and hides a bit. Quite cute!

Teagan's asleep now, working on a (so far) over 2 hour nap! She slept well last night too, hopefully the wakefull nights will end. She ate a huge breakfast, half a cup of cereal and applesauce, and 3-4 nursings, I think she's trying to fatten herself up again. She lost a few ounces while she was sick.
Well, she started perking up and sleeping better, but then a rash appeared. I wasn't too worried at first, she didn't seem unhappy, so we carried on with our plans. (Magnus' grad reunion) By the time we were getting ready to leave the rash was pretty bad, so we stopped in at a clinic. The diagnosis: Roseola Infantum. It's basically 3 days of a fever, often quite high, followed by a rash as the baby feels better. No complications to speak of, you just have to let it run it's course. The rash looks bad, but she doesn't seem to mind it.

(It doesn't show up well here, but you can see it a bit. It went from in the diaper all up over her face!)

I'm so happy she's feeling better, it's great to have my happy baby back!
My baby is still sick. We're heading in to see the doctor later. Tylenol and cool baths aren't really bringing her fever down, she's not sleeping enough, and is just really unhappy. Hopefully it's nothing serious and we can get her some releif.

She was up until midnight last night, other than a nap in the evening, and then up at 2:10 for 2 hours, and up for good at 6:30. She finally passed out in my arms, hopefully she'll stay down for a while, she needs some sleep!
My poor baby has a fever. She's grumpy and uncomfortable, ans I feel so bad for her. She got up a few times last night, eventually passing out on my chest. It struck me how much bigger she is, last time I had her sleeping on my chest while I sat on the couch, she was just over half her current size!
Saw the Doctor today for more shots. She did okay, a little crying but forgot about it pretty quickly. As per usual I think the "holding her down" part was nearly as bad for her as the actual injection. She weighed in at just over 18lbs, and is 28inches long. That's 2'4", she's tall enough I figure I can say it in feet - HA!

I got some of those little snack things of unsweetened applesauce at the store today, they worked out cheaper than a big container. (and WAY cheaper than the babyfood jars) I figured I would give teagan as much as she wanted and just eat the rest myself. Well, my little chubmuffin ate the whole thing! Nearly half a cup of applesauce in one go! Pretty good considering she was less than excited the first couple times she tasted applesauce. It took almost 25minutes to get through it, but considering she was in a noisy mall food court, in a new high chair, she did fairly well paying that much attention to me.
My daughter pulled herself to a standing position this morning. She only stayed up for a moment, before landing back on her butt, still I am a little freaked out. She's doing SO much, SO fast! Yikes!
My little girl is 6 months old. I can hardly believe that much time has passed since I first met her. She's turning into quite the little person. I'm amazed every day by how much she can do and how much I love her.

She loves paper, and especially tags. She will move like lightening accross a room to get at a piece of paper that has been left unattended, and chew it up if we don't stop her fast enough. I've been letting her play with board books, and she seems to like chewing on them well enough. I found something better while out shopping today, and had to grab it as a "half birthday" gift:

It is a set of 42 flash cards of letters, numbers and words, all attached together and marked for "6 months+". She seems to like it, and if it survives this "chew everything like mad" phase she's in, it's full of quite nice pictures to teach letters and numbers. The pages are all made of thick plastic, they feel like pages but stiffer, so it's easier for her to manipulate the pages than it is with a board book.
What a weekend! Teagan got her first two teeth, (still barely peeking out, but they are there) managed to do a proper crawl for 4 'steps' in a row, and got herself up into a full sitting position, though she didn't stay there long. She turns 6 months old on friday, I'm just in awe of all she's accomplishing!
Someone's teeth are showing! Teagan has the tops of TWO little tiny teeth peeking out on the bottom of her mouth! (It explains why she had such a fussy day friday) I can easily feel them, and just barely see them, when she lets me look. We celebrated by giving her a little applesauce, we didn't have any sweet potato or other "under 6 month friendly" veggies to offer so we gave in and went for applesauce. She took some of it, but didn't seem as enthusiastic as I'd expected her to be. We'll see how she is the next time, I've heard it can take a few tries for a baby to get a taste for a new flavour.

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