Baby McElroy
The Trip:
The trip went well.  Teagan fussed a lot on the way up, making the drive pretty long.   While up north we got a pool noodle and adjusted her carseat to recline more and it made a WORLD of difference for the trip down.  She did well with all the relatives, didn't play shy with anyone, and was particularly fond of the uncles.  She slept well, only one "bad" night where she ended up in bed with me.  Every other night the playpen worked just fine.  It was hard being in a different place though, routines all messed up and few of the tools I'm used to having available. (crib, large bed, swing, etc)  It's taking us a while to get back into the swing of things.
We've started Teagan on rice cereal once we got back.  She went nuts for it the first time we gave it to her.  I took photos and videos and I'm going to see what I can post here.  We're giving her the Heinz Organic rice cereal, it seemed to have less preservatives and stuff added in, but did have added iron.
She's "crawling"!  She seems to have the leg part figured out, but instead of moving one arm and then the other, she sort of pushes herself forward to land on her chest a couple inches forward, then repeats.  She can move pretty well like this, so we really have to watch her.  She's turning around well, and can lean back to the side and look up behind her from her belly, only falling over half the time ;) 



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