Baby McElroy
Teagan really wants to be mobile. She rolls from her back to her front almost any time she's put down. And now she's started trying to scoot foreward. She brings her knees up under her and pushes foreward, face mushed onto the bed or carpet. She only moves maybe an inch at a time, but it's motion. It's kind of sad watching her mush her face like that, but at the same time cute.

I'm stressing, though. I cannot leave her on the bed awake anymore, even if I check her every 2 minutes like I have in the past. In her crib she moves or rolls to an edge and freaks out because her arm or leg gets caught out the slats. And knowing she's getting closer to crawling worries me because we don't have room for that! All the floor space is already taken up with the swing, piano-gym thing and chair. We have to step over and around things ourselves to move around our living room, how's a baby going to move?


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