Baby McElroy
Teagan is getting closer and closer to sitting and crawling. She'll self-correct a little if she starts tipping over, but she's just not strong enough to hold herself up without help yet. As for crawling, she's gotten as far as lifting her belly off the ground, but hasn't gotten the coordination to move really yet. She's inched backwards a little, but it seemed like it wasn't on purpose.

We're planning a trip with my mom to visit family next week. It will be a long drive each end, so I'm nervous about how Teagan will do with so much driving, and at different people's houses. I'm borrowing a playyard for her to sleep in,but I won't have all her "stuff" with me. I am excited about the trip, it will be nice to see our family members, meet the new baby cousins, and show Teagan off.


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