Baby McElroy
Well, we leave on our trip tomorrow. I'm still pretty nervous about travelling with a baby, but I'm excited about the trip. I've had Teagan sleeping in the Playpen for a couple days and that's gone ok, so sleeping shouldn't be a big problem. I don't know what else to bring yet. I'm going to pack 3 of her favorite toys, but I don't know if I should bring any of her "bigger" stuff like the exercauser. I am planning on bringing her stroller, so that could be used as a seat, though she doesn't like just sitting in it much. Ah well, she'll survive whatever I decide, and likely so will I.

No entries for a couple weeks while we travel, but hopefully some photos when I return!
Teagan is getting closer and closer to sitting and crawling. She'll self-correct a little if she starts tipping over, but she's just not strong enough to hold herself up without help yet. As for crawling, she's gotten as far as lifting her belly off the ground, but hasn't gotten the coordination to move really yet. She's inched backwards a little, but it seemed like it wasn't on purpose.

We're planning a trip with my mom to visit family next week. It will be a long drive each end, so I'm nervous about how Teagan will do with so much driving, and at different people's houses. I'm borrowing a playyard for her to sleep in,but I won't have all her "stuff" with me. I am excited about the trip, it will be nice to see our family members, meet the new baby cousins, and show Teagan off.
As a nice family activity for Father's Day yesterday, we took Teagan for her first swim! She loved it, and we all had a great time in the pool. She was kicking when held on her belly, grabbed at the bubbles when Dad went underwater in front of her, and kept trying to grab the ball that was as big as her. I think we are going to have quite a swimmer on our hands! I will definitely sign her up for some baby swimming lessons down the road.


Teagan has found her voice, and has been practicing constantly. She's screeching, squealing and squawking. It's very cute, but a little bit of a pain when she does it in your ear!
Teagan really wants to be mobile. She rolls from her back to her front almost any time she's put down. And now she's started trying to scoot foreward. She brings her knees up under her and pushes foreward, face mushed onto the bed or carpet. She only moves maybe an inch at a time, but it's motion. It's kind of sad watching her mush her face like that, but at the same time cute.

I'm stressing, though. I cannot leave her on the bed awake anymore, even if I check her every 2 minutes like I have in the past. In her crib she moves or rolls to an edge and freaks out because her arm or leg gets caught out the slats. And knowing she's getting closer to crawling worries me because we don't have room for that! All the floor space is already taken up with the swing, piano-gym thing and chair. We have to step over and around things ourselves to move around our living room, how's a baby going to move?
2 more shots and no tears!!My brave little gal hardly noticed the needles, and was easily distracted just as her face started to crumple. She's getting pretty big, measuring 16lbs and 68cm long(over 27inches)! Doc is happy for me to continue exclusively breastfeeding, which is great. He said I seemed to be doing a good job with her, and to keep up the good work ;)
Teagan has a doctor's appointment tomorrow for another shot. Hopefully she does as well with this one as she has with the others. I don't know though, she's been mopey and clingy from teething to start with, this might hit her harder now.
My new stroller doesn't fit in the trunk of our Tercel. It's close, but it doesn't quite fit. I can jam it behind the passenger seat, but only if no one is sitting in it so it can be all the way forward. It bugs me because we are trying to sell the Tercel, and I know the stroller would fit in the Sunfire we bought to replace it, but we can't seem to sell this darn car! We need to move Teagan to the convertable seat, hopefully this weekend, but I was really hoping to be in the Sunfire when we did, getting her in and out in a 2-door will be a nightmare!
I bought a new stroller! The gals from my baby talk do a weekly walk and I went with them Tuesday and fell in LOVE with the Jeep all terrain stroller they had. It's a 3-wheeler with a swiveling front wheel. My current stroller system (Graco Cirrus) just isn't working for me since Teagan has just about outgrown the infant seat but is too small to properly sit straight up, and it doesn't have an adjustable back position. The store said they'd take it back, no problem, so I bought the Jeep stroller last night. Now my hubby needs to put it together so I can try it out!

On the walk Teagan was crying and madly chewing at anything she could reach, poor gal must have sore teeth!

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