Baby McElroy
Teagan put herself to sleep last night! Normally around 9pm or so I feed her and she falls asleep so I put her to bed 99% asleep and she's good. But last night she was wide awake after feeding her around 9:30 or so. I was really tired so I tried just putting her in the crib to see if she'd fall asleep or something. I went to bed and read while Magnus got ready. He went in to check on her and rotated her so she was under her toys in the crib because she was wide awake and he thought she'd want to play. I was a little miffed because I thought the toys would keep her up, or wake her if she moved in the night and knocked one. Instead, she played for maybe 5 minutes, then fell fast asleep around 10 or so, staying that way until a little before 6am! I'm thrilled she put herself to sleep, if she can do that it bodes well for her future sleep habits.


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