Baby McElroy
She's been a bit stuffy off and on for a few days, so I'm wondering if the crankiness is due to an impending cold......then my mother tells me teething can bring on cold-like symptoms, and a neighbour tells us she thinks she can see white bumps on the bottom gums. Teagan hasn't been too bad, just a little out of sorts, so I'm just trying to give her extra hugs and watch her.

She's learning how to grab things. In the last week she's gone from random batting at objects to actually grasping for, and sometimed successfully grabbing things. She was bringing a stuffed rattle toy to her mouth today and gumming it. Her coordination is definitely improving. She also really seems to love mirrors. I found a Winnie-the-pooh one at walmart on clearance that I can tie into her crib. (it's an unbreakable baby mirror, not some random mirror that would be dangerous) I showed it to her in the store and she stared, and then smiled into it.


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