Baby McElroy
I came home from lacrosse last night to find Teagan asleep on our bed. She doesn't sleep with us, so I had to wake her to move her, and then she was up for a while longer. I let Magnus know that it would be better if it's after, say 7pm or so, to put her into her crib to sleep, in case she wants to stay asleep into the night rather than just napping.

I took her into my mother-in-law's workplace on Monday for a visit. Grandma was so thrilled, and ran around showing her off to all her coworkers. They were happy to see her, we've been getting gifts from some of her coworkers that we'd never even met! (they sign the cards "another of Teagan's adoring fans" which is cute) My Mother-in-law's supervisor got Teagan chuckling away, I realised that she looks a little like my mother, who can make Teagan laugh quite easily.


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