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Teagan's been quite fussy for a few days now. She's got a bit of a cold, so I'm sure that's part of it, but she's been chewing on my fingers whenever I let her. Poor thing must be having more tooth trouble!

She's getting so big I can't carry her in the Bjorn carrier anymore, so I want to look for a backpack. I hope she's not too small for them (16lbs) but I need something I can carry her around in other than a big stroller. There is a kids sale next weekend and hopefully I can pick up a used one there.
Okay, my daughter is fast asleep, and I'm wide awake at 1:30am! What gives?
She's still rolling plenty. Almost any time we leave her on her back and don't interact with her, Teagan will roll over on to her belly. Shortly after this maneuver, she starts crying, upset at being on her stomach. So, we flip her over, only to have her roll back onto her belly, and start fussing again. Silly baby!

She keeps rolling over in her crib, and ending up with legs sticking out of the slats. this upsets her a LOT!
She's rolling! Teagan figured out how to roll from back onto belly today, and did it about 8 times. She still can't go belly to back yet.

Teagan has found her feet, and is loving them:

Whenever she's on her back she pulls her legs up and plays with them. And the result of this, she's SOOOOO close to rolling over. She holds onto her feet and it tippy so she rolls on her side. She just can't get the coordination to move her feet the right way to finish off:

Teagan put herself to sleep last night! Normally around 9pm or so I feed her and she falls asleep so I put her to bed 99% asleep and she's good. But last night she was wide awake after feeding her around 9:30 or so. I was really tired so I tried just putting her in the crib to see if she'd fall asleep or something. I went to bed and read while Magnus got ready. He went in to check on her and rotated her so she was under her toys in the crib because she was wide awake and he thought she'd want to play. I was a little miffed because I thought the toys would keep her up, or wake her if she moved in the night and knocked one. Instead, she played for maybe 5 minutes, then fell fast asleep around 10 or so, staying that way until a little before 6am! I'm thrilled she put herself to sleep, if she can do that it bodes well for her future sleep habits.
I came home from lacrosse last night to find Teagan asleep on our bed. She doesn't sleep with us, so I had to wake her to move her, and then she was up for a while longer. I let Magnus know that it would be better if it's after, say 7pm or so, to put her into her crib to sleep, in case she wants to stay asleep into the night rather than just napping.

I took her into my mother-in-law's workplace on Monday for a visit. Grandma was so thrilled, and ran around showing her off to all her coworkers. They were happy to see her, we've been getting gifts from some of her coworkers that we'd never even met! (they sign the cards "another of Teagan's adoring fans" which is cute) My Mother-in-law's supervisor got Teagan chuckling away, I realised that she looks a little like my mother, who can make Teagan laugh quite easily.
I have an extra lacrosse game today. Normally it's only Tuesday night league games, but our group organized a full field game with a team from 40minutes away. Should be fun, and hopefully Teagan will be good for Magnus. Normally when I leave her Tuesday nights it's getting near bedtime and sometimes she sleeps, but mid-day she will be more active. I'm leaving him 2 bottles so that should be enough.

**edited to add**
She downed both bottles, 10oz in total, and was hungry when I got home. Wowsers! Hungry little girl! I guess we aren't having problems getting her to take the bottle anymore.......
Teagan had shot #2 yesterday morning. I was prepared for crankiness, but she was fine! She had a 3 hour (!) nap while I shopped afterwards, slept all night and has gone down for about an hour now, I'm getting lots done! She doesn't seem sore or unhappy so I guess she's just sleeping it off. I'm planning on going to the baby cinema thing today so hopefully she is willing to sleep or sit quietly then too so I can enjoy the movie.

I just copied a bunch of digital photos to disk to get printed. My mom mentioned wanting prints of a bunch of the photos I have online so I'm going to print her a bunch up for mother's day. It's so neat to look back over all the photos, just amazing to see how much she's grown already!
She's been a bit stuffy off and on for a few days, so I'm wondering if the crankiness is due to an impending cold......then my mother tells me teething can bring on cold-like symptoms, and a neighbour tells us she thinks she can see white bumps on the bottom gums. Teagan hasn't been too bad, just a little out of sorts, so I'm just trying to give her extra hugs and watch her.

She's learning how to grab things. In the last week she's gone from random batting at objects to actually grasping for, and sometimed successfully grabbing things. She was bringing a stuffed rattle toy to her mouth today and gumming it. Her coordination is definitely improving. She also really seems to love mirrors. I found a Winnie-the-pooh one at walmart on clearance that I can tie into her crib. (it's an unbreakable baby mirror, not some random mirror that would be dangerous) I showed it to her in the store and she stared, and then smiled into it.

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